Writing Coach

As a writer myself, I understand how difficult and lonely the process can be, especially when you’re just starting out. You battle doubt and confusion every time you sit down to write, not to mention the temptation to procrastinate.

Why am I doing this? Who’s going to want to read what I have to say? What should I write next? My writing craft is terrible. I should be doing chores instead. Oh look, my favorite TV show…

Starting a new project can be daunting, but you don’t have to wander alone.

I can help you.

Get Organized

Whether you have a detailed outline, or just the glimmer of an idea, a great way to understand your story is to explain it. I’ll help you put together a comprehensive plan to take you from “Once upon a time…” to “The End” in a way that works for your personal writing style. Don’t know what that might be? No worries, we can discover that together.


Too often writers use the chaos of life’s many demands as an excuse to avoid writing. Yes, most writers work part or full time jobs. Yes, writers have families and friends who they love to spend time with. Yes, chores need to be done. Sometimes the hardest challenge you’ll face is giving your writing time the same level of respect you give other aspects of your life. I’ll help you find writing time and more importantly, I will expect and hold you accountable for respecting your own writing time.

Goals and Milestones

Some writers are working on a seventeen book epic saga. Others are scrambling to finish a flash fiction piece in time for a contest. Whatever your project, articulating your goals clearly will help you make a plan to reach them. Additionally, I’ll help you recognize the milestones you achieve in your writerly journey, be it finishing a sentence or a series.


Especially in the beginning, you may wonder, “Where the heck is this story going?” Story is a fickle beast. What started out as a mystery with a romance may become a noir tale with some action-adventure elements. A thriller may turn into a quiet meditation about aging in Vermont. And that’s okay. A first draft is nothing but a draft, an exploration. There are going to be detours and things that go absolutely nowhere. You may need to write a lot of what the story isn’t to find what it is. I help you get an outside view of your story. How does this come across? Is that what you meant? If not, here’s some ideas to move the story in the direction you want it to go.


Basic Package:

  • An initial 1 hour meeting* to discuss your project
  • Quarterly 1 hour meeting for ongoing projects
  • One weekly 30 minute meeting
  • Up to four calls, totaling 1 hour time, per month (including weekends) during normal business hours 9-5 to discuss writing and/or publishing questions that arise
  • Written feedback on up to 10 pages of your work-in-progress ahead of our weekly meeting/call
  • Suggested reading and/or writing exercises based on your needs

À La Carte:

Support services can be tailored to your project needs on at an hourly rate of $45 (minimum of two hours)

* Meetings are in person (geography permitting), via video-conference (Google hangout or Skype), or via phone (if you’re having a bad hair day)


Basic package is $300 a month, with a minimum 3 month commitment up front.

If you have additional needs, we can discuss those on a case-by-case basis.

While I can guarantee that I will make every reasonable effort to help you become a better writer, I cannot promise you will become a best selling author.

Are you ready to get serious about your writing?

Contact me and let’s kick your writing into high gear!