Books I’ve had the pleasure of getting paid to read and make suggestions about.


Texas Rain” by Jamie L. Castor

The old Fields place is haunted. Everyone knows that. But no one dares to go inside until James is hired to do some yard work. As James gets to know Mrs. Fields, he discovers the house holds the secrets of an epic love story that has spanned decades and crossed the nation from coast to coast.

‘Texas Rain’ weaves together the past and present as it unravels the tale of Carson, a talented baseball player destined for greatness, and Sara, a spirited woman yearning to change the world. Is love enough to overcome Carson’s dark past and Sara’s family’s rejection or will they choose to follow their separate dreams?

#SweetRomance #HistoricalFiction #BaseballFiction

M. K. Martin did a fantastic job editing my manuscript. I was worried about the process at first, but she explained the steps in detail. She gave my story the attention it needed, and I am thrilled that she was able to find the plot holes and storyline issues that I overlooked. She made great suggestions and made me feel a lot more confident in the final product. I couldn’t have done this without her! Best editor EVER!

The Lilac Plague” by Kristin J. Dawson

Three years after Nikka’s mother died in the Lilac Plague, Nikka learns there may be a way to break the curse that has gripped the kingdom of Dacia for generations. As Nikka flees the dark forces already set in motion against her, she works to unravel the secrets of the curse before the plague strikes again. As time runs short, she realizes her best chance to save the kingdom is to risk her own life in a bold move against the emperor himself.

The Rose Court” by Kristin J. Dawson

In the sequel to The Lilac Plague, Nikka struggles to establish herself at the Rose Court, a place she never even wanted to be. And as if political intrigue wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she must deal with, not one, but two unwelcome suitors. Just when Nikka thinks she’s making headway, a mysterious delegation arrives with a shocking announcement: Tatiana is a living heir to the throne. What will this mean for Nikka and for Dacia?

#YAFantasy #SwordAndSorcery #ComingOfAge

M.K. Martin is fantastic to work with: her edits are brilliant. Period. However, if I want to go a different direction, she gives suggestions on how to make my vision work. Because she doesn’t overbook clients, she hits every deadline, and she responds when I [send] her questions. And she invented a language for my story – a legit language based on other languages from 2,000 years ago because that’s where I drew inspiration for my fictional world. Martin is worth every penny.

Dempsey’s Grill” by Bryan J. Fagan

Gibson’s life is perfect: beautiful girlfriend, lovely home in Seattle, fulfilling career as a high school teacher. Except it’s not.

When everything falls apart Gibson has to move back in with his folks. Lonely and adrift, Gibson accepts an offer to help his high school best friend Dempsey open a restaurant. After all, what else has he got to do?

But after Gibson reconnects with Gail, his childhood sweetheart, he throws himself into the new venture, eager to prove he’s not the loser everyone thinks he is. As the trio of misfits struggle to make the restaurant work each is forced to confront their past. Will they be able to grow beyond their failed dreams or will they cling to damaging relationships?

#ContemporaryFiction #SweetRomance #EugeneOregon

M. K. Martin was more than an editor, she was a teacher. She taught me to see my story from the inside out. Because of her I could see what the characters needed and what the reader wanted. Not only did I learn how to write a better story, I learned the art of entertaining the reader. Because of her I am a published author.

Spiral” by James M. Fisher

"Spiral" Cover

After Micheal’s mom dies he finds solace in California’s underground punk music scene and friendship among the local surfers. But when Micheal’s family moves to Utah, he faces new challenges including Mormons on a mission to save him and Danielle, a beguiling woman with secrets that threaten to send his world spiraling out of control.

#LitFic #ComingOfAge #PunkMusic

M. K. Martin was not only a game changer, but a life changer. After working on “Spiral” for several years, it became clear that if I was going to take this novel to the next level, than I needed new eyes on it. Critical ones. Somebody who would give it to me straight from a reader/editor’s point of view, and be part of my goal to produce a good work. I was lucky to have been introduced to Martin; she went above and beyond. Her advice and critical eye were on point. “Spiral” launched this year and I couldn’t have been happier!

Watching Water” by A. B. Herron

"Watching Water" Cover

Nora’s been hiding a secret, but when those she loves the most are threatened, she must accept her true nature and learn to trust her wolf side to help her face an ancient evil. The lush wilderness of the Pacific Northwest is filled with magic and danger in this enchanting tale of the creatures who live in the shadows of our backyards and haunt our forest trails just around the next bend.

#UrbanFantasy #Shifter #ParanormalRomance

Working with M. K. Martin was my first experience using a professional editor. I didn’t know what to expect and was surprised by the unwavering support and enthusiasm Martin brought to the experience. I know I had moments where I was not easy to work with, the word “surly” comes to mind, but Martin’s joy in what we were doing never faltered. Her ability to find words to supplement my moments of writer’s block was magical and matched the feel of the book each time…I am so grateful to have her in my corner. She is a valuable person, professional, and gifted author and I consider myself lucky to have her talents working with me as a new writer. I believe she helped make my book a stronger story. Thank you, beyond words, thank you.


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