Survivors’ Club

Available from Not A Pipe Publishing.

Survivor's Club ARC Kindle cover

Cover by Aaron Smith

Fans of Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, Steven Soderberg’s Contagion, and the Resident Evil franchise will love this fast-paced, smart sci-fi action adventure.

People have always wanted to be stronger, faster, smarter, better. The scientists at Chrysalis Bio-Pharmaceuticals believe they’ve found a virus that will allow them to unlock humanity’s hidden potential. The cost is small. A few lives here and there, but it’s all for the greater good, and the corporate bottom line.

Brilliant and idealist geneticist, Marius Tenartier, has dedicated his life to battling the world’s worse diseases – from malaria to Ebola, tuberculosis to cancer. When Chrysalis offers Marius the chance to carry on his work with no budget caps, he accepts, no questions asked.

As Marius tackles the most challenging pathogens, Chrysalis secretly uses his work to develop an experimental vaccine intended to artificially evolve the human race.

Instead of making people into superhumans, it mutates them into aggressive monsters. After Marius is caught in an outbreak, he realizes that Chrysalis has been using him.

Worst, they’ve covered up the outbreak.

Bureaucracy, incompetence, and greed threaten civilization as we know it. Surrounded by danger and cut off from the outside world, time is running out to contain the virus, and Marius can’t do it alone.

Who can he trust – Chrysalis’s ambitious vice president, the rigid head of security, or the CEO’s fearless daughter?

Can Marius discover the truth about the virus’s origin before it’s too late to prevent a global pandemic?

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